Principal’s Desk – 4 February 2021

It is my great pleasure to have been welcomed wholeheartedly to Mater Christi these past few weeks. I have certainly felt the hand of Benedictine hospitality, so in turn I extend the warmest welcome to all new and returning students and their families to our thriving community.

A Christmas Message

“Christmas is the celebration of small things, particular things, barely noticeable things. It is Jesus in a manger—an animal byre—the child who will grow into the voice of God that is heard around the world……….. 

This was a refugee family.

Principal’s Desk – 3 December 2020

After an exciting day spent at Gumbuya World, yesterday’s farewell liturgy, assembly and then Christmas Parade provided such a wonderful final day spent with students at school.  With so many days spent at home on remote learning, having students back physically present has been a total joy.

Principal’s Desk – 13 November 2020

This final fourth term is hurtling along with ending and beginning activities, including the Year 12 Liturgy & Graduation Event,  2021 Year 7 Orientation, VCE and Year 11 exams and final assessments scheduled across other year levels.

Without doubt it has been a school year like no other, where students, teachers, parents and staff have had to tap into new sources of resilience, adaptability and creativity.

Principal’s Desk – 22 October 2020

As we take very tentative steps now out of full lockdown, it’s tempting to focus merely on what might have been and to grieve for the many events not held and normal expectations not reached.  What a year it has been!

And then, the conversation often goes “Bet you wish you’d finished last year?” “What a terrible year to finish on!”

Not so!  I would never have chosen to miss this one.

Principal’s Desk – 17 September 2020

Yay!  We have finally reached the end of Third Term.  With ‘virtual’ fanfare and no reservations, I wish to congratulate our students, their parents, teachers and staff for the hard won levels of resilience and creativity demonstrated over the long wintry weeks of remote classes while in lockdown.

Principal’s Desk – 3 August 2020

It was a rare and now special moment…visiting a class last week, where a few Year 11 students were physically present, participating in their Reflection day and composing a letter of support to perhaps a health worker or refugee.  We chatted for a while, considering the relevance of these letters and identifying social justice concerns, especially in the light of the coronavirus.

Principal’s Desk – 25 June 2020

I wish to add my congratulations to Maria Haggett on her appointment as Principal of Mater Christi College from 2021. We have started a program of regular communication and are looking forward to future occasions when Maria can meet with students, staff and families, formally and informally.

Principal’s Desk – 28 May 2020

It was a crisp morning with the sun clearly on the rise as our VCE/VET & VCAL students, including some Year 10s doing higher studies, arrived at the College, mostly bright with energy and excitement.  While all were delighted with their new lockers and the treats within, it was predominantly the Year 12s who celebrated the loudest.

Principal’s Desk – 23 April 2020

As we experience the many severe and sudden changes to our lives, especially in the way our College community gathers, teaches and learns, we are most truly experiencing an Easter ‘moment in history like none other.’  (Catherine McCahill, sgs, The Good Oil, April)  

In this month’s The Good Oil, Catherine’s message offers an insightful and inspiring