Principal’s Desk – 17 September 2020

Yay!  We have finally reached the end of Third Term.  With ‘virtual’ fanfare and no reservations, I wish to congratulate our students, their parents, teachers and staff for the hard won levels of resilience and creativity demonstrated over the long wintry weeks of remote classes while in lockdown.

Principal’s Desk – 3 August 2020

It was a rare and now special moment…visiting a class last week, where a few Year 11 students were physically present, participating in their Reflection day and composing a letter of support to perhaps a health worker or refugee.  We chatted for a while, considering the relevance of these letters and identifying social justice concerns, especially in the light of the coronavirus.

Principal’s Desk – 25 June 2020

I wish to add my congratulations to Maria Haggett on her appointment as Principal of Mater Christi College from 2021. We have started a program of regular communication and are looking forward to future occasions when Maria can meet with students, staff and families, formally and informally.

Principal’s Desk – 28 May 2020

It was a crisp morning with the sun clearly on the rise as our VCE/VET & VCAL students, including some Year 10s doing higher studies, arrived at the College, mostly bright with energy and excitement.  While all were delighted with their new lockers and the treats within, it was predominantly the Year 12s who celebrated the loudest.

Principal’s Desk – 23 April 2020

As we experience the many severe and sudden changes to our lives, especially in the way our College community gathers, teaches and learns, we are most truly experiencing an Easter ‘moment in history like none other.’  (Catherine McCahill, sgs, The Good Oil, April)  

In this month’s The Good Oil, Catherine’s message offers an insightful and inspiring

Principal’s Desk – 5 March 2020

Here we are, already into the second half of first term, with students engaged in a myriad of learning experiences.

We are excited to ‘let our light shine for others’, as is already evident with the keen involvement of new leaders with ideas to support communities who suffered in the recent bushfires in addition to our commitment through Project Compassion to Caritas Australia.

Principal’s Desk – 6 February 2020

Welcome to new and returning students, parents and carers.  Our College theme for 2020 Let your light shine for others invites us to anticipate a community of shared learning goals.

“We have a mandate and purpose to stay in the Light ourselves, and then shine it for others.

Principal’s Desk – 19 December 2019

As always, the school year ends amidst much excitement - celebrations of Co-Curricular activities, national basketball competitions, first place in schools national division for Cheerleading, the return of our Victorian Young Leaders to China group, and finally celebrations of VCE results and first round tertiary entrance offers.

Principal’s Desk – 29 November 2019

These final weeks of term have been significantly ‘bookended’ by two key events, the Orientation Visit for the Year 7 Class of 2020 and the Valedictory Graduation Dinner for the Year 12 Class of 2019. In both activities, the excitement and enthusiasm of students and their families were clearly evident.

Principal’s Desk – 7 November 2019

Our year together is flying by.  For some, this may mean that Christmas is but seven weeks away, while others may be amazed to realise that we are in week five of this final term, past the midway mark. The many significant events – farewells to Year 12s, welcomes to Year 7s of 2020, appointment of next year’s student leaders, VCE exams, celebrations of sporting achievements, wishing our Victorian Young Leaders to China group safe travel, preparations for the final Year 9 Adventure Camp in the Grampians… tell it all; much is happening at this time for this school community!

I congratulate and thank students who have led the way across these various activities, especially those passing on their wisdom (and tips) to the next school generation.