Principal’s Desk – 12 September 2019

Despite the wet weekend just gone, Spring is in the air, and Term 3 is almost done!

Other measures of time marching on are of greater significance.  We have celebrated a successful Musical Production with St Joseph’s College.  We have welcomed the Year 7 Class of 2020 and their parents.

Principal’s Desk – 22 August 2019

Our celebration of Mater Day occurs close to the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, the Mother of God, in whose honour our College takes its name.  As an all-girls College, we seek to empower our students to become “women of faith who will participate actively and creatively” in their lives, in this world.

Principal’s Desk – 25 July 2019

As we return for Semester 2, I am reminded of the beautiful environment in which I work. So many visitors to our College comment on its welcoming atmosphere and then express delight in the sensational views! Across all seasons, at any time, we are presented with extraordinary vistas, quite rightly the envy of many.

Principal’s Desk – 25 June 2019

It is affirming of our Christian mission to witness our students and their growing commitment to social justice actions, much being evident in these final weeks of term.  Groceries and funds continue to amass at collection points to assist with our “Tinnies for Vinnies” campaign, hereby providing support for those in need in our own local community.

Principal’s Desk – 2 May 2019

Welcome back to the start of Term 2 and I trust that we are all rested and re-energised  following the holiday break.

We return with the commencement of the Easter season, fifty days when Christian people celebrate the Risen Christ.  As Joan Chittister explains:

Resurrection testifies to the metamorphosis of the Jesus of history to the Christ of faith.

Principal’s Desk – 7 March 2019

Our Lenten journey began this week with Ash Wednesday and all students participated in class liturgies where ashes were distributed and the Lenten season introduced. Students were reminded that:

“Lent is a time when we pray, act kindly and with mercy towards other people, give up things we enjoy and give to others, as we prepare to celebrate the great feast of Easter… (It) is a time of hope as we renew our relationship with God… (when) we are also making our journey with families around the world living in poverty, especially those who are unable to earn enough money to have the basic things they need like an education, medicine, food or clothing.

Response to the conviction of Cardinal Pell

The news of the conviction of Cardinal George Pell has been both shocking and disturbing and especially so for all who work in Catholic education.  The behaviour of which he has been found guilty is appalling and unacceptable for any person let alone a senior Church leader.

Uniform – Our response to media reports

The College uniform policy and events on photo day have attracted the attention of the media.

The news item, written by a student journalist, contains unfortunate exaggerations and inaccuracies. I wish to assure you that no student was forced to take any actions as described in the article.

Principal’s Desk – 7 February 2019

Welcome to the 2019 school year at Mater Christi College. With all students finally in attendance, there is a distinct buzz along corridors and in rooms.  The excitement is palpable as our Mater Christi College community embraces new and returning members.

Principal’s Desk – 29 November 2018

Amidst graduation and orientation events, it is often a challenge to remain focused on the present.  With exams signaling the end of class programs, Christmas Hampers to be filled and arrangements for Co-Curricular Week at the forefront, we can easily find ourselves distracted and inattentive to regular expectations.