Principal’s Desk – 3 May 2017

It has been a hectic but welcome return to school for me this term, following time spent recently in busy Shanghai meeting families and future members of our International Student Program, then a week in Japan at the International Baccalaureate Conference, coinciding with the glorious cherry blossom season, capped off finally with a short family holiday in Vietnam.

13 Reasons Why… we should talk

Many parents – and teachers - are now aware of the significant interest of our young people in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.  If your daughter has not viewed this series (and those younger than 15 ought not be considering it), my guess is that at the very least, she and her friends are talking about it… and so therefore, must we! (more…)

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Writing your story

Adapted from an address to Senior School students by Julie Feeney, Deputy Principal.

A quick show of hands… How many of you are Facebook users? Messenger? Pinterest? Instagram? (more…)

Principal’s Desk – 28 February 2017

Our Lenten season begins with Ash Wednesday, and just like the start of each school year, provides a special time for us to ‘reboot’, to stop, reflect and choose a good life, rather than to simply tumble along driven by random or external forces.  Prayer and acts of kindness provide a certain way to God.

Principal’s Desk – 22 February 2017

One of the joys of many years in education is to experience beginnings over and over. Every new school year is uniquely exciting, enticing and wondrous – in such, we teachers are blessed.

And so, began our year of 2017. Through early gathering events, such as Assemblies, Welcome Nights, Opening School Mass, Production rehearsals, VCE Artworks Display and the Middle School Swimming Carnival, the value of an all-girls education program is clearly evident.

Principal’s Desk – Tuesday 31 January

Welcome to 2017 to new and returning students, parents and staff.

I trust that Melbourne’s glorious summer weather provided many opportunities to relax with family and friends over the break!  Let’s now look forward to a great year of collaborative education endeavour, supporting students to achieve the best of learning outcomes.