Term 2 Sports Report

June 23rd, 2022
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Term 2 has been an incredibly busy one for sports at Mater. Our Sports Captains, Maudie and Madi, provided a great wrap up of all the sporting achievements at our end of Term Assembly today.

We had a big term of sporting events, with many students excited to get back on the court or pitch to play some of the winter sports for the first time in two years. 

SCSA Indoor Soccer 

We began the term with SCSA Indoor Soccer. Mater students faced some highly skilled teams in the Division 1 SCSA Indoor Soccer Competition. Our Junior and Senior team were unfortunate in their campaign, fighting hard, but ultimately falling to 7th place, whilst our Intermediate team showed their silky skills to reach 5th place overall – well done to all students selected to compete.   


On 29April we witnessed, precise and powerful swings fromYear 11 student, Taylah Robinson. Taylah took out 1st place in the Independent Schools Golf Competition held at Churchill Golf Course and qualified for the State Championship Competition.  

Well done Taylah on this amazing achievement!  

SCSA Badminton 

Our Badminton athletes were eager to test themselves against some of the best schools in our association. It was great to see Mater students displaying their talents on the court and supporting one another throughout the fixtured games. 

On the day, our Juniors and Intermediates finished in 3rd place. Whilst our Senior team finished in 4th overall – well done to all students involved on the day. 

SCSA Basketball 

Four Mater Christi Basketball teams arrivedat MSAC with their head in the game, ready to take on other highly skilled competitors in the Division 1 SCSA Basketball competition. Their freaky footwork, speed and accuracy served the Seniors well as they finished in 2nd place in a thrilling Grand Final. Our Intermediates and Junior Bs finished in 4th place, whilst our Junior A’s placed 6th despite their amazing efforts on the day.   

SCSA Athletics 

SCSA Athletics saw our students at Lakeside Stadium competing against some of the fastest and most powerful athletes in our association. Our athletics team were well prepared leading up to the competition as they were regularly attending afterschool trainings and were coached by last year’s Senior Sport Captains, Jennifer Sahely and Hannah Hodges. On the day of the competition, our athletes produced incredible results in both track and field events.  

Our Juniors finished in 4th place, Intermediates, and Seniors in 3rd – providing us with an overall placing of 4th.  

SCSA Cross Country  

On a cold and windy winter day, brave Mater students ran hard and proved their endurance against other students in our sport association. Our Juniors put in a stellar effort, finishing 4th, whilst our Intermediates and Seniors fell short, finishing 6th and 7th respectively. The sausage sizzlewas a terrific addition to the day.   

Congratulations to Caitlyn Le Grove in year 7 who placed in the top 10 runners in the junior division 

Ultimate Beep Test 

This term we held our ultimate beep test competition in the hall to see who is the ultimate beep test runner!  

It was great to see students across Middle School and Senior School attend during lunchtime and giving it their all. We had some awesome prizes for our runners and the results did not disappoint. 

Well done to all runners involved on the day  

In the Middle School Competition – congratulations to Coral Kratzmann who finished 1st achieving level 10.3. 

In the Senior School Competition - congratulations to Jessica Pacevski who finished in top spot finishing on level 12.0. 

Incredible running Jess well done! 

SCSA Hockey 

On Monday, 30 students travelled to the Hockey Centre in Parkville to compete in the Division 1 Hockey competition. Mater Christi students highlighted one of their many talents, with both teams making the Grand Final on the day.  

Congratulations to our Junior hockey team for taking out 1st place and well done to the Seniors for a thrilling Grand Final and finishing in 2nd place.  

Congratulations also to Aleisha Foot who was awarded thebest player in the Junior Grand Final. 

Term 3 Sports 

Term 3 is going to be another busy term for sports, with plenty of events still to go. 

We encourage all students to get involved and try out for some of the upcoming sports!  

If any of these sports interests you, make sure to sign up on SchoolBox, check the bulletin or see one of us for some more information. 

Thanks must also go to Mr Armansin and Tegan Philp for their help in putting this report together.

Madi and Mandi, Sports Captains