VCAL Mother’s Day Gifts

May 27th, 2019
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In 2019 the VCAL class have been working on Small Business projects. This year we decided to create Mother’s Day gifts, selling them to local primary schools for their Mother’s Day stalls.

Within the class, we split up into groups and created dreamcatchers, potted plants, bath bombs and diffusers.

We all had to come up with a quirky name for our products to help sales. All the products were unique, with names such as ‘Ants in Plants’ and ‘Drop n’ Pop Bath Bombs’.

The products were a big hit, with most items selling out. The schools were quick to respond with constructive feedback and are keen to see if we are going to make products for Father’s Day!

Although it took a lot of work and organisation, it was very gratifying to know that all our hard work was going to a good cause, and that hardworking mothers would wake up happy on Mother’s Day, knowing that they were appreciated.

Izabella Philp, Year 12 VCAL