Victorian Child Protection Update

Further reforms in Child Protection (Safe) legislation are now in place through the implementation of the new Reportable Conduct Scheme, a new Duty of Care to Prevent Child Abuse and more clarification around Working With Children Check requirements.

As a consequence, we report all allegations of misconduct to the Victorian Commission for Children and Young People, require a Working With Children Check for all people engaged by the College  and ensure always that ‘reasonable precautions’ are taken to prevent physical or sexual abuse of a student by any individual associated with the College.

We will continue to maintain full compliance and vigilance in response to these new legislative requirements, especially through ensuring effective documentation of our policies and procedures.  This is a significant change across our school processes and I am grateful for the support of staff, parents and visitors in ensuring that we continue to offer a safe learning environment for all students.

In the light of a heightened sense of concern for our safety, let us remember the mantra from past times, to be alert but not alarmed, especially combining reasonable security measures with safe practices.

Mary Fitz-Gerald, Principal