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Mater Christi College, Belgrave is an open-entry Catholic Secondary School for girls. Inspired by the ethos of the Good Samaritan Sisters and Benedictine values of community, stewardship and justice, Mater Christi girls are creative and valued contributors to their communities.

The Catholic Order of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan was founded in Sydney in 1857 following a decision of Australia’s first Catholic Archbishop, John Bede Polding, to establish a new congregation of religious women.

From the very beginning, a commitment to women and the education of young people – girls in particular – has been at the heart of the congregation’s mission.

Mater Christi College operates under the support and direction of the College Board in conjunction with Good Samaritan Education.

The College was established in its present location overlooking Belgrave in 1963. Though originally conceived as a small school, rapid population growth in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and its reputation for excellence in all-girls education has seen Mater Christi College grow far beyond that envisioned by its founders.


Mater Christi College is a Catholic girls' secondary school, which takes its direction from the person and message of Christ as proclaimed in the gospels.

In a caring atmosphere of Christian love and understanding, which encourages excellence in all things, Mater Christi College provides educational programmes relevant to the individual needs of its students.

The College respects the traditions and spirit of its founders, the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, and strives to be organisationally and educationally innovative to meet the challenge of a rapidly changing society.

Through balanced growth of the whole person, Mater Christi College aims to develop informed and compassionate women of faith who will take part freely and creatively in the affairs of society.

College Motto

Informed Compassionate Creative

College Logo

‘Doves in Flight’
The doves in flight portray the concept of growth and movement through education. The doves in formation relate to the community striving together. The line acts as a horizon and indicates direction and purpose. The circle represents the common ground for all the elements, interactive, supportive and indicative of the workings of a Catholic school.