Why an all-girls school?


At Mater Christi College each girl learns to become her best self; a global thinker who is competent, confident, happy and ready to live life to the full.

We believe that girls learn differently to boys, that they are motivated and respond in different ways. Our student-centred culture celebrates those differences and the ‘can do’ energy of girls.

6 reasons why an all-girls schools is different?

The Alliance of Girls Schools (Australasia) has summarised some of the key research findings about single-sex education. Here are 6 reasons why an all-girls school is different:

  1. Academic advantages: Girls in girls’ schools achieve significantly stronger academic results than any other group in Australia. Girls are free to pursue academic excellence and each achievement is celebrated.
  2. Role models and leadership: All the leadership roles in girls’ schools are filled by girls. Younger students see these female leaders as role models and learn that girls can lead in any field.
  3. Counteracting negative influences: Girls can work through the challenges of adolescence without fear of embarrassment or harassment.
  4. A tailored curriculum: Teachers tailor their classes and curriculum for the girls. Girls are free to participate in class without the teacher’s attention being dominated by boys.
  5. Countless opportunities: Girls at girls' schools enjoy not only equal opportunity but every opportunity. There is no gender stereotyping with subject selection. Girls are able and encouraged to explore a career or future in any area.
  6. Global citizens: Girls’schools prepare students to be citizens of the world, using rapidly developing technology and forming connections with girls in other countries. There is an emphasis on social justice and community as girls are encouraged to make connections with others outside the classroom walls.

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