Year 10 Reflection Day strikes a cord with students

October 30th, 2018


Year 10 Reflection Day was facilitated by Fr Rob Galea, a talented singer-songwriter and a priest. Fr Rob shared stories about his broken relationships, bad decisions and depression in teenage years. His songs and stories about the strength and faith of those who loved him gave hope that no matter how messy life gets, it can always be turned around. A message of hope for all. It was a privilege to have Fr Rob with us.

Ewa Toomey

Faith Development Leader

I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say that the Year 10 Reflection Day was an eye-opening and wonderful experience. Fr. Rob Galea was an incredibly powerful speaker, and it was a joy to have someone who seemed so genuine in terms of his own struggles and self-professed "messes", speak to us. His own anecdotes of hardships tugged heartstrings and captivated the attention of everyone. His perspective on religion as a teenager was interesting and relevant, and he recounted how his perspective changed throughout the years, eventually steering him to become the well-known musician/priest he is today. Throughout Mass, he was light-hearted and humourous, and took an engaging approach. The entire day was inspirational and an amazing experience. My friends raved enthusiastically about it after school. I thank everyone involved in the day, especially Fr. Rob Galea, who made it possible.

Isabelle Dowell – Year 10

Year 10 Reflection Day was one that none of us could forget. We kicked off to a great start with a remarkable and inspirational guest speaker; Fr Rob Galea who is a priest and contemporary Christian singer-songwriter.

Fr Rob played some amazing music and we all got involved; copying his ‘surfing’ actions and singing along to the upbeat songs.

He then shared an impassioned story of his past; many of us were incredibly moved and even shed a few tears. The moral of his story was that there is always hope and “light at the end of the tunnel”, even if life is throwing tough obstacles at us.

After recess we joined Fr Rob again, where he told us how faith played a major role in turning his life around and how we should never give up or lose hope. We also shared a few more fun songs which we all danced to, before heading over to the chapel and reflecting with a beautiful Mass.

After lunch we had the opportunity to be involved in Outreach activities including, knitting squares for homeless people, making paper doll kits for children at the Good Sam Inn, weeding and rubbish removal along Belgrave rail trail, making reusable pads for girls in East Timor so they could attend school without interruptions or making toiletry packs for St Vincent de Paul.

We all enjoyed these activities and it bought us great joy to know that we would bring smiles to the faces of others and that we were helping in one way or another.

Reflection Day left us feeling very motivated and spiritually awakened by Fr Rob Galea. It was an enjoyable day where all Year 10s were able to reflect and bond together.

Louise Punturere - Year 10