Year 10 Reflection Day

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On Year 10 Reflection Day we were joined by special guest, Father Rob Galea.

Father Rob is a priest who comes from a small island called Malta. He spoke to us about his childhood and the troubles he faced growing up. He helped us to realise how we can turn our lives around if we ever find ourselves in a difficult situation.

Father Rob also spoke about how his faith helped him leave a life of drugs and trouble, and overcome his problems. He demonstrated how faith can be part of anything you do, rather than simply the church and prayer.

Father Rob writes his own music and throughout the day we sang songs with him. He then led us in an explanatory mass. This was particularly informative as he described each roll, position and item that is significant to a mass, helping us to understand why it is important to include each part.

At the end of the day we gave thanks to our community by making care packs, planting potatoes, making reusable pads and packing for the Year 12 Retreat.

Overall, we had an amazing day with Father Rob and are excited to see how our contributions provide for our community.

Ella Lancaster and Ella Liebler, Year 10