Year 12 Reflection Day

June 24th, 2019
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The 11th of June was perfect timing for our Year 12 Reflection Day, with Year 12’s just completing unit three studies and about to begin unit four. We were given the opportunity to reflect upon the choices we have made so far and what lies ahead.

Our guest speaker Paul Salmon gave us great advice in identifying and dealing with the decisions we are about to face with the end of Year 12 quickly approaching. Paul helped us narrow down our goals for the rest of the year. We wrote these goals in a letter to ourselves which we will receive at the end of the year. The idea is that we have completed all of these goals by the time the letters are returned.

We were then asked to sit down and face a panel of people comprising of both students and teachers. This panel shared their experiences around making hard choices even when people may disagree or encourage us to think differently. It also emphasised the fact that even though we make assumptions and judgements about other people, you never truly know what a person is going through and therefore it’s so important to be mindful and respectful of all.

Lastly, we finished off our day with a liturgy, allowing us to reflect on all we had experienced throughout that day. We then provided items to the Catholic Action Program (CAP) students so they could make care packages for those in need.

Chioma Anyadoro and Alex Mai, Year 12