Year 7 DEAR Challenge

October 6th, 2020
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Without access to the Learning Commons and the print collection, the Year 7 students have well and truly risen to the Drop Everything And Read Challenge and read for over 189,000 minutes (3,150 hours).

The objective of the challenge was to encourage students to read an additional ten minutes every day to establish good reading habits as well as broadening their interests in different genres.

During the stay-at-home restrictions, the challenge also provided an alternative leisure activity to screen time.

Congratulations to:

  • the Highest Achieving Class, 7D, which read for a total of 54,434 minutes.
  • the Highest Achieving student, Aaliyah Lacy, who read over 17,000 minutes and
  • Indigo Thomson for being the most consistent reader with the greatest improvement.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the Challenge and contributed consistently to their class totals.

“I realised how much time you can actually read without missing out on other things.” Jessica Smith

“I usually read about 1 hour every night before I go to bed, but this challenge has pushed me to read more and now it has become a habit. I am getting through lots of books and have expanded the variety of things that I read.” Claire Pierce

“I never would have thought that I read this much!” Emily Ballingall

I really like to read in the afternoon in the sun. I just enjoy it much more than going on my phone” Holly Wallace.

Once you find a good book reading can be really fun and calming” Chantelle Connelly

I never realised how much I read in a week when it’s put into minutes, although I still read the same amount as I usually do I feel as though I have a much wider range of books that I read.” Indigo Thomson

Jennifer Cain
Head of Learning Commons