Year 7 Humanities


Year 7 students have been exploring the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in Humanities.

As an introductory exercise, students created pic collages around various forms of inequality. We then narrowed our focus to Goal Number 5 - Gender Equality, examining challenges that many girls and women face around the world.

We also discussed what we can do to promote equality and opportunities for girls and women, including valuing our education.

Doing this task during online learning had its challenges, so to make it fun we held up the letters that read ‘GENDER EQUALITY 2030’ - to show that we support this goal being reached by 2030.

Our lesson was posted on the ‘World’s largest lesson’ UNICEF page where students all around the world share their work on these goals.

Ms Naomi Trumino Humanities Teacher

Here are some student reflections on the unit:

I found it surprising to learn that in 18 countries around the world, husbands can legally stop their wives from working, and that in 39 countries sons and daughters don’t have equal inheritance rights. I feel that gender equality has made a lot of progress, though. This is because in 46 countries throughout the world, women hold more than 30% of the seats in National Parliament. 

Ashley Breen, 7C

There are so many female role models I look up to like Emma Watson and Malala. I was surprised to learn that still to this day there are women who don’t get the same opportunities as men do. The truth is there is good and bad in everyone no matter what the gender is.

Indiana Ross, 7C