Year 7 STEM Day

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Robotics, coding, virtual reality and a presentation; were some of the activities the year 7’s participated in at the Yarra Ranges Tech School.

The virtual reality activity was very interesting. Once you had the headset on, it was like you were in a different world! We had to guide a spider through a maze using a controller, then created our own character.

Robotics was next. We experienced how coding corresponded to the robots’ behaviour. We raced the robots around a track, with the majority crossing the finish line.

We also had the opportunity to use a 3D printer. We designed our own bag tag on a computer, chose a font and size and then sent it to the 3D printer to create. It was very interesting as everyone got to observe the different stages the printer went through to actually make the final product.

Finally, we listened to a presentation about emerging technology and future careers. We watched some videos about what the future may look like and thought about what we want to do in the emerging modern world. It was fascinating to see how we might live in the future.

Overall, it was a great visit to the Tech School, and everyone gained some new knowledge from at least one of the aspects of the day.

Jen MacDonald, Year 7