Year 8 – Product Sustainability

July 19th, 2019
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During Term 2 in Humanities, Year 8 students looked at the life cycle and sustainability of a product.

We were asked to research a product and find out the economic, environmental and social costs and benefits associated with its production.

I choose to research mobile phones and I found it very interesting that some brands of phones are very sustainable and others are not.

We used the right (creative) side of our brain to create a mind map of our research and the left side of our brain to do our write ups.

Near the end of the term we watched the movie 2040, which was very informative and related to our topic of sustainability.

At the end of the term we looked at sustainability advertising and how effective it can be in changing the behaviour of consumers. I enjoyed creating my own advertisement on the amount of rubbish that is in the ocean.

This topic gave me a lot of insight into the need to become more sustainable with our everyday routines.  It was a very engaging unit.

Simone Martin, Year 8