Year 8 Reflection Day

October 15th, 2019
  • Year-8-Reflection-3

  • Year-8-Relfection-2


On Reflection Day the Year 8s participated in various activities that related to the Benedictine values. This included learning about the Good Samaritan Foundation and its role helping communities in Australia and overseas, including in the Philippines.

We played games to test our communication, Kahoots to test our knowledge about the Philippines and we also split into groups to discuss and learn about the Benedictine values. Those values include humility, stewardship, hospitality, peace, justice and community. We also learnt how scarce food and other opportunities are in the Philippines and how $1.50 can send one child to school for a month.

Through this day of reflection we have learnt that giving to someone else can change their lives and bring joy to yours.

Emmie Hervert, Year 8