Zenith 2020

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Participating in the Zenith program this year was very different from what we have experienced previously. Although most of the year was dedicated to learning online, the Zenith team still had the opportunity to be a part of some awesome activities and events.

Zenith began earlier this year on campus, where we focused on the concept of social enterprises and creating our own hypothetical organisations.

During online learning, we participated in an engaging workshop with Young Change Agents. We focused on the fundamentals of a successful social enterprise and underwent an extended process over two days to create an enterprise around the current issues in our community. We presented these ideas to a judging panel, which included our very own Principal, Mrs Fitz-Gerald and members of our local community.

Following our return to campus, we participated in a STEM MAD showcase which included the completion of a variety of challenges throughout the day focusing on aspects of maths, technology and engineering.

Overall, this year’s Zenith program was a lot of fun and it was great to be involved in some exciting challenges throughout the year.

Sarah MacDonald, Year 9