“My dream is to be a surgeon as I’ve always been fascinated by the medical field and inspired by the good it can do in the world.” – WILLOW SIMANDJUNTAK (CLASS OF 2023)

Mater Christi Principal Maria Haggett often tells our students that intelligence alone rarely produces remarkable results. Instead, hard work, persistence, and tenacity are the keys to success.


The secondary school journey of Class of 2023 student Willow is a testament to this theory and serves as helpful advice to current Year 12 students.


Willow says her VCE success can largely be attributed to her work ethic and passion for learning.


“I didn't want to simply memorise answers for a test. I wanted to understand the concepts and theories those answers were built upon, which made learning feel less like a chore.”  


Willow also made sure to be organised and write everything down.


“It’s a lot easier to keep track of homework with a list and writing goals down makes them seem more achievable.”


At the end of the year, Willow tried to teach her friends the subjects she was taking, and completed practice exam after practice exam to familiarise herself with the questions she would ultimately be tested on. 


Along with her diligent approach, Willow was also known for her ‘happy-go-lucky’, friendly nature, throughout her years at Mater Christi. She was always up for a chat and a friendly smile.


“Though my aspirations and determination have remained consistent, I’d like to think I became a little wiser as the years marched on.”


Willow’s strong resolve was rewarded with an ATAR of 91.6 and her acceptance into Biomedicine at Melbourne University, where she will progress to a Master of Medicine.


Well done, Willow!