College Governance

Mater Christi College is a public company limited by guarantee. It is governed according to the Constitution of Good Samaritan Education.

The Directors, appointed by the Members of the Company in accordance with the Constitution, form the College Board, which provides the governance of the College and sets the strategic direction.  All operational matters and internal administration are delegated to the Principal as Chief Executive Officer.

Members of the Company

  • Veronica Hoey SGS
  • Leonie Keaney – Chair
  • Eileen O’Leary – Deputy Chair
  • Gaynor Robson-Garth

Board Directors

  • Lyn Bayly
  • Trudi Bons
  • Christopher Cartwright
  • Georgia Heffernan
  • Eugene Lynch
  • Cathy Mason
  • Dr Bern Nicholls – Chairperson
  • Amy Whitehead

Company Secretary

  • Cherine Kenna

*Information current at December 2023.