welcome to Year 7

Starting at a new school, whether in Year 7 or later in a student’s secondary school journey, can be daunting even for the most confident students. We pride ourselves on our extensive Year 7 Transition Program that enables students to make the most of our vibrant and inclusive community.

Transition Program

Our Year 7 students engage in a host of ‘getting to know you’ activities across the first few weeks, that are aimed at supporting them to feel more comfortable in their new environment and make meaningful connections with their peers. There is no homework given for the month of February to allow students to focus on settling in.

Big Sister/Little Sister Program

The Big Sister, Little Sister is a Program is designed to support the transition of students starting Year 7 and building connections with Year 8s. Year 10 students apply to become a Big Sister and complete peer support training to have the leadership skills to work with Year 7 and 8 Students. This Program is part of the Pastoral Program and focuses on students developing skills to manage the challenges of secondary school.

Year 7 Information Booklet

The 2024 Year 7 Information booklet includes answers to frequently asked questions, tips on transition to secondary school, and links to relevant websites.