Our learning program recognises that the world is undergoing rapid economic, environmental, and social changes because of accelerating globalisation and rapid technological development. Education needs to prepare students for jobs that have yet to be created, for technologies yet to be invented and to solve problems, yet to be anticipated.

We prepare students for this world, equipping them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values through engagement with a learning program that includes traditional core subjects and an increasing array of elective choices, which continues to expand throughout the years of schooling.

Student-centred culture

We believe that learning should be authentic, connected to real-world issues and a lifelong endeavour. Our teachers and educators seek to impart skills to inspire students to be lifelong learners.

Our students benefit from learning experiences that are personalised and built on a solid foundation of literacy and numeracy skills; and encourage curiosity, imagination, resilience, and self-regulation.  

Our student-centred culture encourages and delivers excellence in all-girls education and supports students to be their ‘own kind of girl.’


Technology creates and supports the amazing learning opportunities at Mater Christi College. All students are provided with their own MacBook, which is an essential tool for a contemporary learning environment.