The iconic words of Paul Kelly and Kev Carmdoy - “FROM LITTLE THINGS BIG THINGS GROW” – encapsulate perfectly this story of a Year 10 student, an Indigenous Australian boxer, and the set of boxing gloves that brought them together.

The seed was planted when Mater Christi student Charlotte decided to create a beautiful set of boxing gloves using Aboriginal artwork as part of an inquiry project in her Indigenous Perspectives elective last year.

“The boxing gloves symbolise the fight that Indigenous people endure every day in society to work towards achieving the rights that they deserve. The snake in the artwork represents the strength and progression of my great uncle, Graham Dicker, pushing through discrimination and the difficult parts of his career and inspiring my family and the Indigenous community around him.”

Charlotte’s teacher, Naomi Trumino, later encouraged her to submit the gloves to the Koorie Heritage Trust’s Youth Art Expo in December 2023. Although Charlotte didn’t receive an award, a remarkable opportunity unfolded from this simple act.

After Indigenous Australian boxer, Marissa Williamson Pohlman, who is the first Aboriginal woman to qualify for the Olympics in the sport of boxing, admired the gloves on social media, Charlotte generously offered them to Marissa to take on her journey to the Paris Olympics as a way of promoting Aboriginal culture abroad. And Marissa happily agreed.

As a result, Charlotte will soon be heading into the Koorie Heritage Trust to hand over the gloves and meet with Marissa personally.

A truly beautiful story of the connection made by two proud Aboriginal women, each on a journey to raise awareness of Aboriginal culture and their community’s ongoing fight for equitable rights and inclusion.

Charlotte is also Co-Captain of Mater Christi’s FIRE Carriers, a group of students dedicated to raising awareness about reconciliation and further incorporating Indigenous culture and perspectives within our College life.

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