STEM Enrichment Week - Year 9

"Astrophotography stood out for me, as it combines two of my favourite interests. I really enjoyed seeing the photographs and also learning about exoplanets." - AVA, YEAR 9

During STEM ENRICHMENT WEEK, our Year 9 students undertook a week-long program of challenging and informative STEM-based activities, both on and off campus, derived from the Science, Technology (Digital, Food and Textiles) and Maths Domains. There were 5 excursions and 45 sessions where they could "choose their own STEM adventure." A handful included:SPIES & SECRETS - where students embraced the roles of secret code breakers and makers, exploring encryption and decryption techniques to unravel concealed messages.CODE CHALLENGE - where students put on their thinking caps to tackle a series of puzzles and activities, requiring problem-solving, teamwork, and effective communication for successful solutions.ASTRONOMY - led by the Mount Burnett Observatory, took a fascinating journey, discovering the universe from our own backyard. Students were able to marvel at the Sun through the Observatory's solar telescopes.SONIC STUDIO, gave students the experience of participating in a live rock band environment as they workshopped three contemporary songs using a PA, microphones, amps and instruments.Other activities included 3D printing, drones, Science photography, food technology, Minecraft, and visits to Mission on Mars, the YRTS, and the Melbourne Zoo.It was a jam-packed week that left the students feeling positive and excited by all that the world of STEM has to offer.