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Mater Christi College

Absentee Line: 9757 0980 Health Care Centre: 9757 0831 Uniform Shop: 9757 0815
Child Information Sharing Scheme and Family Violence Information Scheme Prescribed Information Sharing Entities should call: 9754 6611

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Principal Maria Haggett
Principal's Assistant Michaela Read
Deputy Principal Staff & Students Shae Mayes
Deputy Principal Learning Julie Stewart
Business Manager Tatum Mitchell
Human Resources Manager Nicole Brown
Timetable & Operations Leader Tim Glover
Community Engagement & Marketing Manager Narrelle Paige
Wellbeing Learning Leader Amanda Bischof-Foster
MYP Learning Leader Lisa McLean
VCE Learning Leader Tara Baker
Learning Diversity Leader Justine Edwards
Zenith Coordinators Graham Balderstone and Rhoda Gavin
Professional Learning, Technologies & Pedagogy Leader Laura Overdyk
Data Coach Paul Miller
Mission Identity Leader Peter Woodhouse
Sport Co-ordinator Amanda Morris
Student Leadership Co-ordinator Monica Kutt
Social Justice & Outreach Program Co-ordinator Con Sarris
Head of Learning Commons Amy Isma
Registrar Michelle Ring
College Psychologist Brooke Cooke 
College Nurses Annette McKernan and Cherene Onslow
English Kate Jay
Health & PE (HPE) Vicki Godfrey
Humanities Vanessa Leaver
LOTE Nicole Biggelaar
Mathematics Paul Miller
Science Denise Raven
Religious Education (RE) Colleen Bolton and Andriana Tsikouris
Visual Arts Libbie Rogers
VET Learning Leader Sara Mugridge
Vocational Major Learning Leader Monica Kutt
Year Learning Leader Amanda Bischof-Foster
7A Home Group Mentor Monica Kutt
7B Home Group Mentor Amanda Bischof-Foster
7C Home Group Mentor Vicki Godfrey
7D Home Group Mentor Linda Tilson
Year Learning Leader Margherita Magagna
8A Home Group Mentor Ren Zhou
8B Home Group Mentor Ingrid Schmidt
8C Home Group Mentor Justine Edwards
8D Home Group Mentor Fiona Birchall
8E Home Group Mentor Deepika Dissanayake
Year Learning Leader Eliza Johns
9A Home Group Mentor Kate Saleeba
9B Home Group Mentor Natalie Nash
9C Home Group Mentor Michelle Flintoff
9D Home Group Mentor Laura Overdyk
9E Home Group Mentor Leo Zito
Year Learning Leader Lisa Costello
10A Home Group Mentor Anqi Wei
10B Home Group Mentor Rachel Mattille
10C Home Group Mentor Peter Woodhouse
10D Home Group Mentor Simon Templin
10E Home Group Mentor Jasmine Sien
Year Learning Leader Janine Callahan
11A Home Group Mentor Tim Glover
11B Home Group Mentor Nicole Biggelaar
11C Home Group Mentor Melissa Muller
11D Home Group Mentor Catherine Close
11E Home Group Mentor Denise Raven
Year Learning Leader James Bakker
12A Home Group Mentor Con Sarris
12B Home Group Mentor Kate Jay
12C Home Group Mentor Tara Baker
12D Home Group Mentor Paul Miller