Visit Mater Christi

Visit Mater Christi College

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We believe a tour is the best way to experience the ‘can-do’ energy of girls at Mater Christi College.

Scheduled Tours take approximately one hour and depart from the College Reception area. Personal Tours can also be arranged. Contact Jacinta for more information or to arrange a tour - 9754 6611.

As an extension of our tours, we also welcome Year 4, 5 and 6 girls to REGISTER FOR A TASTER DAY. During the two-hour session girls will tour the College, join in some classes and experience for themselves our vibrant, inclusive and warm community. Contact Jacinta for further details - 9754 6611.

Upcoming Scheduled Tours

Scheduled Tours are available throughout 2018 on the following days:

  • Wednesday 21 February (4:00pm)
  • Thursday 8 March (9:00am)
  • Sunday 18 March (10:00am)
  • Tuesday 1 May (4:00pm)
  • Friday 11 May (9:30am)
  • Sunday 17 June (10:00am)
  • Sunday 29 July (10:00am)
  • Friday 7 September (9:30am) 
  • Wednesday 17 October (4:00pm)
  • Sunday 11 November (10:00am)

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